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Rules in play

Postby Smoke » Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:29 pm

While we most certainly appreciate it when you’re enthusiastic about playing, enthusiasm can lead to situations that might annoy others when etiquette is forgotten in it. Therefore, please observe the following rules to give everyone the game as much as you do.

- Minimum participation in the game is one or two times a week. The reason for this is that we as much as other players might not be able to post daily. Therefore, this time should be granted to others, too. Do not get impatient when a character you addressed did not reply within a day because they have three to seven days to reply. After that, you are free to move your character again.

- Be aware of omniscience. In-character you just can’t know some things that are known or obvious to you as a player. If, for example, Hope is thinking about how awful she feels but keeps up a happy face, then it is not possible that Blaze will know how she feels even though we as the players do.

- Don’t play someone else’s character. Another character’s thoughts, movements and reactions are up to their player, not to you. The Personal Messages and the chatbox are available to talk about some things but in general, avoid moving a character not your own.

- Take turns! If more than two characters are interacting, do not skip others (within the reasonable time they are allowed to reply). Nothing is more frustrating for a player than coming back to the play and seeing that the others have posted to and fro several times while their character was just standing there. Wait for everyone having their turn before going on.

- Avoid one sentence posts. Please try to post longer entries – for the other player it can get frustrating when only one sentence comes back in reply to their post, and it often gets hard to react to that, too. You can always write about your feelings or thoughts if you don’t know what your character could do.

- Think of the others who are not online as much. It is easy to get carried away when two people are online at the same time and do not have to wait for another one involved in their circle but please think of the others who have to read up on your posts later.
Please watch the amount you post and don’t post more than three pages a day per circle/character. You can always play out scenes per PM, too.

These rules will be extended as needed.
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