Amber - Gatherer, gardener, rock-shaper

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Amber - Gatherer, gardener, rock-shaper

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Soul name: Nell
Sex: female
Family: Father Darkness, mother Diamondeyes, soulmate Fireeye, daughters Smoke, Shadefern, uncle Axehand, aunt Hope, cousins Dreamfinder, Rockfall, Seeker, Greengift, Diamond, Granite, Cinderglow, Gentleflame, Dash
Position: Gatherer, gardener, rock-shaper
Appearance: average height, slim, very curvy. The round eyes had the colour of illuminating amber and depending on the light were darker or lighter. Dark-gray hair worn short down to the shoulders and held back by a broad hair band, soft features, heart-shaped face with a petite nose and pouting full, soft lips.
Used to wear a cream-coloured silk-blouse that fell down in soft ripples over her hips and a deep red corsage over it. Adding to that she wore dark brown pants out of dream plant fibres and high boots out of snake leather.
Personality: Through she was of high age she never lost her curiosity but she knew to judge danger and risks by her experience. Most of the time she had an open ear for everyone and loved to deal with problems of that kind. If someone had sorrows she always was ready to listen and if she could give advice. It was very important to her that every one, including herself, was free to speak their mind, even if she didn’t always agree with what was being said.
Amber was very emotional and now and then very impulsive. Sometimes she had problems to handle that. There had been times where she withdrew herself from her tribemates to take care of herself and to refresh. If something bothered her personally she used to go to her mother or after she died to her friends.

History: If you believed Amber’s mother the lass was a real tomboy. With her best friend Fireeye she played the most stupid pranks in their childhood and lived through the most interesting adventures (in a pebble’s eyes!). The death of her father Darkness hit her hard and mad her sad for a long time because her father had been her hero and idol. Only her friend Fireeye could cheer her up and bring her back to life.

A long time Amber had had a serious crush on Fireeye but he never really noticed her feelings and she didn’t want to tell him in fear of risking their friendship. So she focused on other tribemates and tried to ignore the deep feelings for him. They grew up more like brother and sister and Amber didn’t want to change that.

A long time she had a strange relationship to Blazesmith but here as well her feelings remained unanswered and without any result. Though the half-elf seemed to be fond of her they both knew that nothing serious could grew out of that, all the more because Diamondeye, Amber’s mother, watched over them with wary eyes.

It was long after she accepted that her feelings wouldn’t be answered in any way when Steeleye challenged Fireeye for the chief position and Amber backed her friend fiercely. It was a surprise to both when they recognized after the challenge was over and even more when she learned that she would give birth to twins.

Amber loved her two daughters and was delighted to see the best of both of them in them. Fireeye and her didn’t lifemate but raised the children together and found deep love and care for each other through their soul bond.

Amber died in a cave-in together with Lizardtooth and Watershine and some others.
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