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Name: Cinderglow
Pebble name: Garnet
Soul name: Czui
Known to: Pitchblack
Sex: female
Age: 1200
Position in Tribe: Gardener, plant shaper, weaver, apprentice keeper of the silk worms

Father: Rockfall (D)
Mother: Agate (D)
Siblings: Brothers Granite (A), Gentleflame (A)
Love-/Lifemates: Pitchblack (R, A)
Children: Daughter Dash (A)
Others: Nephew Glowfin (not by blood), great-aunt Hope, cousins Smoke, Shadefern, Greengift, Seeker, Diamond
Friends and foes: tbd

Facial features: Heart-shaped face with full lips and upturned nose
Build: Is among the taller females of the tribe, with ample curves
Eyes: Intense, big red-golden eyes with long dark lashes
Hair: Dark grey hair, worn down to mid-back, with a part bound up in a braid while the rest is falling down freely
Clothes: Dark red vest that falls down to her knees, bound criss-cross with a light cream cord at belly button height and adorned with some cream-coloured symbols, a short sleeveless cream-coloured top underneath, loose, slightly flared pants in cream colours as well. For work she wears a simple short-sleeved top and tight pants in green and brown.
Jewellery: A gold circle around her neck with three small gold leaf symbols dangling on thin gold chains of different length, a wide gold bracelet adorned with a row of garnet drops
Weapons/tools: Dagger
Special Possessions: Her bracelet, a small blanket that her mother had given to her – her father had made it before his death, a few other trinkets with mostly sentimental value.

Magical ability: Sending, plantshaping (strong)
Special abilities / Knowledge: Weaving, gardening, plant knowledge, basic dying, basic silk worm keeping, dancing

Personality: Cinderglow is a quiet and gentle soul. Some mistake her calmness for passivity but if they do, they might soon discover they are making a mistake – despite her gentleness she has a strong will, not to say that she can be very stubborn. She is cheerful and has a rather practical way of thinking. She has a strong sense of justice; injustice is one of the few things that can really set her off and make her react aggressively.
Likes: Plants, the quiet in the silk worm caves, working with her lifemate or her daughter
Doesn’t like: Injustice, snakes, lizards, is a bit afraid of deeper water and therefore generally prefers the hot pools to the fresh water grotto
History: Cinderglow was born as the youngest of three to Rockfall and Agate – her brothers Gentleflame and Granite were long grown by that time. She never knew her father who died shortly before her birth but her mother always made sure to share stories and sendings about him with the girl once she was old enough to understand. Her brothers were strongly involved with raising her, and so she was and still is close to both of them.
Her powers surfaced early and proved to be quite strong. She was very proud of them and found great pleasure working in the gardens though she also tried her hand at weaving because she felt she needed some creative work, too.
When she Recognized Pitchblack, she was happy even if a bit unsure at first, since at just about 900 years she was still rather young by Cave Dweller standards and didn’t know yet if she was ready to be a mother. Though Pitchblack was such a grumpy elf she was ready to see another side of him, remembering how her mother had spoken with so much love of her similarly grumpy father. They became lifemates soon after Recognition and she hasn’t regretted the decision in any way.
She loves her daughter Dash deeply but sometimes is a bit exasperated at Dash’s rejection of all things female. For a long time she had tried sparking her interest in weaving and more feminine clothes but finally had given up and accepts her as she is now. She misses her a bit after Dash had moved out but lets her have her freedom.
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Re: Cinderglow

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Cinderglow is looking for friends and possibly foes :D !
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