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Cave of the painted walls

Postby Glowfin » Wed Nov 11, 2009 9:31 am

Here is the place for shared stories! Go and write XD
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Re: Cave of the pained walls

Postby Glowfin » Wed Nov 11, 2009 9:39 am

And again... we go ahead as a good example XD

Woohoo The first Cave Dweller story!!

His father's son

by Seeker and Glowfin

CD holt date: 16000
Characters: Glowfin, Redmark, Blaze, Blazesmith

Teaser: "He's an IDIOT!" Glowfin burst out when he stormed in the forge where Blazesmith just let Blaze start the fire again.

Redmark had wanted to smack Glowfin when he'd first heard of the incident, but he'd instead settled for hugging the elf he thought of as a little brother and letting Glowfin's mother and father tear into him for his irresponsibility. It'd been hard for the red haired elf, but he'd even managed to NOT track Longreach down and beat the snot out of him for getting Glowfin into the mess in the first place.

Now, with some freshly cooked fish and mushrooms that had been gathered the other day, Redmark made his way to Glowfin's den. His friend was still injured after all and he'd arranged with Glowfin's parents to bring him his first meal of the day.

"Hey, Glowy, you up?" Redmark asked even as he entered the lad's cave.

"Yeah..." Glowfin said in a pressed voice. His rips where still hurting even if Fireneedle had healed the most part. But his father had told her not to heal it completely to make the boy remember how painful his almost dead would have been for him and Silkberry. Wait... no that wasn't right. According to Oreforger Geltleflame wasn't his father but Rapidrider...

The lad managed to get his head off that troubling thought when he sniffed the fish and the mushrooms. "Ohhh! " he said cheerfully. "You brought food!"

"Yeah," Redmark replied, sitting next to the lad, but keeping the food just out of his reach. "Even though I shouldn't have gone through the trouble. After all, if you don't even seem to believe your life is worth more than a stupid wager with Longreach..."

The older elf trailed off, but cut a piece of fish and held it to Glowfin's mouth. If Glowfin was going to act like a pebble, Redmark was going to treat him like one.

Glowfin followed the fish with his eyes, his moth already watering but it wandered past his nose and out of reach. With a low little whine he fixed the fish with his dark, warm eyes. He was SO hungry... Healing did make hungry... for both he guessed.

When Redmark cut the fish and started to talk he crossed his arms and glared at him. "You said I shall stick up for myself and so I did..." he pointed out. “He said I couldn't stand the rapid ... but heck I almost managed it. If not for that single slipstream I would have managed it!"

"Yeah, I said that," Redmark admitted, stuffing the piece of fish into Glowfin's mouth. "But I didn't mean let him talk you into doing something you know you shouldn't. Even if you'd managed to do it, Longreach still would have won because you'd have proven to him that he could get to you. Then he'd just keep doing it again and again until you finally failed."

Cutting another piece, Redmark continued to feed Glowfin. "You think that he's ever going to let you forget this? That you didn't swim those rapids? Not to mention the fact that you were saved by Oreforger of all people?"

The pale face grew bright red and Glowfin raised his arm to hold on Redmark's wrist. "Don't act like if you ages above me..." he complained with a pout. “You are only two cycles older than me... „He reminds him than gave a deep sigh which made him twitch. Breathing to deep was not a smart move with the hurting rips.

"I could do what ever I want he would find a way to tease me about it... I really wonder what I ever have done to him..."

"Sometimes it feels like I'm ages older," Redmark muttered under his breath, pulling his wrist out of Glowfin's hold and continuing feeding him.

"I don't know what crawled up his rear end either," the red haired elf admitted. "But that's why it's important to not give him any reason to tease you. He'll make up plenty on his own, but at least you'll know that he's just blowing steam."

It was not that bad to be feed by his best friend. If his mother did that it felt different but he never would admit he at last enjoyed it a little to be pampered by Redmark. Chewing on the fish he let the (only a little!) older elf's words sink in.

"It's ... going to get on my nerves...“he huffed. "I'm almost 50 cycling old now ... One should think it get boring after such a long time!" The next deep sigh was no good idea and he held on his rips with a grimace.

"Stonebranch say the same..." he said slightly pouting.

"I'd think so to, but obviously Longreach just isn't as creative as the rest of us when it comes to ways to amuse himself," Redmark stated plainly, but with a small smile curling his lips. He loved subtly insulting the bully who insisted on picking on his friend. "It must mean his brain just doesn't have room for anything more than guard duties and messing with you."

Glowfin chuckled and added: "Well maybe fighting all the bugs in the garden get to his brain." he added. "At last dad said..." he stopped short and turned his gaze down. Hugging his legs like he had done a lot when he had been much younger and scared of something. He didn't mind the pain at the moment. His broken arm had been healed completely by now. Fireneedle had had a heart for him at last.

Debating with himself if or if not he should share the news he finally decided he should. Redmark was his best friend! "Uhm... That means... Gentelflame told me... " If only he'd knew how to say it.

Redmark knew something was off as soon as Glowfin cut himself off. Putting down the plate, he scooted closer to Glowfin and placed an arm around his shoulders. "Hey, what's up now? Do I have to go hunt Longreach down and kick his rear? I mean, I'd enjoy it, but I'd like some advance warning to make plans around whatever punishment I might get from it."

Glowfin chew on his lip and played with the end of a bandage which looked rather ragged by now. It seemed that end had to suffer a lot lately. "You know... when Oreforger tugged me out ... he said ... that I am just as stupid as my dad for trying that..." he started to explained and focused completely on the bandage. “And than I said I couldn't imagine that Gentleflame would do that and he said ... he was not talking of him but Rapidrider..."

Redmark stared at Glowfin incredulously. "Rapidrider?! He said Rapidrider is your dad, not Gentleflame?" Scratching at his head, Redmark tried to make sense of the old troll's words. "That...I mean, c'mon. How can that be true? Rapidrider and your mom? Ha!"

Shaking his head, Redmark replied with conviction, "It can't be true. Oreforger must have hit his head on something before he found you."

"No... I asked mom and she said it's true..." Glowfin said and bit his lower lip. He had to fight back tears. He loved Gentleflame and he had always been there and he wanted him to be his father. Raipidrider was... just a fisher to him. A tribemate but not his dad!

Redmark fell back a bit, leaning his head against the cave wall. "Wow..." he whispered, trying to get his own thoughts in order. Then it hit him; if this news had such a big effect on him...

"Hey," Redmark sat back up and pulled Glowfin into a hug that wouldn't hurt him, but still felt secure. "It doesn't matter. Gentleflame IS your dad. He's the one who’s been taking care of you since you were a scrawny, tuft-haired pebble."

Leaning into his friends hug he nodded but actually didn't feel like agreeing. He was right Gentleflame was his "father" but there always had been questions. Why didn't he look like his mother or Gentleflame and why had he been too attached to the water while his parents seemed to love the gardens so much? His mother had said he had this from his grandparents and other elves and it had been okay for him but now he wondered through.


It was about a hand of cycling later. Glowfin had spent a lot of time to watch his "real" father closely which wasn't that hard since he was a fisher like him. He had watched him doing his job, had watched him diving and fooling around with Shadefern, Longreach and the others... He was a good swimmer, just like him. He tend to hunt near the reefs ... just like him... he loved diving deep, just like him... he had the pale blond hair... just like him... and through...

"He's an IDIOT!" Glowfin burst out when he stormed in the forge where Blazesmith just let Blaze start the fire again. He had searched for Redmark all the time and finally Snakebite had told him he was in the forge with his father.

Blaze hissed and drew back. "Easy, Fin-boy." Blaze said and tried to rescue the flame he just had started.

Redmark pulled away from the knife he'd been shaping when he caught sound of Glowfin's nickname being called. "Glowfin? Hey, what are you doing here?" Putting down his tools, Redmark went over to Glowfin and pulled him back a bit so they weren't in the way of the other forgers.

"He IS an Idiot! That's..:" he said out of his mind with anger. The most injuries had healed off by now only a patch on his forehead and the long thin still fresh scar were still reminding on the accident on the rapids. Breathing heavily he let Redmark lead them a bit at the side.

"Stop shouting around, pebble." the smith growled. Usually he liked pebbles (even if he wouldn't admit it) but not if they were messing up his forge. "Or I'll grasp you and get you out and you can add another patch to your collection." it was an empty treat but the half-troll looked impressive even when giving empty treats.

Blaze got a bit distracted by the ranting and let the flames turn lower. "Who is an idiot?" he asked confused.

"HIM!" Glowfin bawled than coved his mouth looking at the half-troll who raised his eyebrow in a warning. "Rapidrider..." he added in a lower voice.

Blazesmith snorted and patted Blaze on the shoulder. "Go on Firebug!" he growled. "That's nothing new to us..."

Redmark's face burned in a hot blush as Blazesmith's attention was drawn to them. It was bad enough that Glowfin had burst into the forger speaking nonsense, but now Blazesmith was scolding them like a pair of unruly pebbles.

"I'll be right back," Redmark announced to the other workers, then dragged Glowfin outside of the forge. Away from his follow metal workers, Redmark gripped his friend by the shoulders and shook him. "Okay, slow down, Glowy. What's going on? Rapidrider's an idiot, we all know that. So what?"

"He can't be my real father!" Glowfin said determined. "I ... I watched him and he's just an idiot! I don't want him to be my father. He... he is a swimmer like me and and... That’s about it! I want Gentleflame to be my real father. He's kind and smart and... And not an idiot that kicks after big crawlers and risk to lose a toe... or get on dreamplants with Longreach or ... „Angrily he stamped his bare food on the ground. “He is NOT my dad! My dad wouldn't Do things like that!!"

Redmark winced at Glowfin's...well; tantrum was the best way to describe it. He could certainly empathize with his friend, but a part of him just couldn't understand why Glowfin was having such a difficult time with this. "You know, you don't inherit your personality from your parents," he carefully told the younger elf. "That sort of thing is shaped by those who look after you. So just because Rapidrider's an idiot, that doesn't affect you."

Gently, Redmark pushed the hair out of Glowfin's face. "You're smart and kind and a good elf, just like Gentleflame, because he's the one who raised you, not Rapidrider."

Glowfin stood still and sniffed. "But ... we all somehow take after or parents. And..." he rubbed his eyes and tried to calm down. "But I look like him and we both love the water and ... he is a fisher like me and we have things in common... But I rather would be much more like my real dad... "

Redmark sighed, pulling Glowfin in for a firm hug. "Those sorts of things don't really matter. If you want to be like Gentleflame, be like him. Nothing can stop you. It's not like one day you're going to wake up and half your brain will be gone, trying you into an idiot. Whatever you might have in common, you're not the same person. Look at me and my parents. I'm nothing like either of them personality-wise, am I?"

Glowfin thought about it while he snuggled against his friend. He dried his eyes of on his vest. "A little ... maybe..." he said thoughtfully. “You are tough like your mom... and cheerful as your dad, but not... exactly the same." he mused aloud.

"See?" Redmark pressed, stroking Glowfin's hair. "If I were exactly like them, I'd kick your rear end and tell you to stop being a whiny pebble. Or I'd go fetch you some sweets and promise you that everything will be better in the morning. But since I'm just me, I'm going to remind you that you can be nothing but who you are, so there's no point in worrying about who your 'real' dad is. Because in your heart, you already know who that is."

"He's still an idiot..." Glowfin muttered.

Redmark couldn't help but laugh and gave the younger elf a kiss on the cheek. "Yeah, he is. But you already knew that."

Glowfin chuckled as well and nodded. It wasn't that bad, was it? "You need to be in the forge? Or will you have some time to swim? I wanted the train the diving a bit more..." he asked when he pulled back. He just wanted to go on with his life. "You think Blazesmith still will be angry?"

Redmark's cheeks flushed a bit at the mention of Blazesmith, though he didn't quite like the idea of the half-elf being mad at him. Still, he looked at Glowfin and could tell that his friend needed him right now. "I don't think they'll really notice if I sneak away, just this once."

"Maybe you should tell them?" Glowfin suggested. He didn't like to sneak off without a word. He kissed his friend's cheek as well. "Just ask them. I'll wait on the water. If you don't come I find a way to train alone." He smirked at him than started to run toward the water.

"Don't you dare train without me?" Redmark called to his friend's departing figure, shaking a fist in mock fury. Although he didn't say it out loud, the red haired elf didn't want Glowfin to ever get into another mess that he wasn't around to save him from.

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Re: Cave of the pained walls

Postby Longreach » Wed Nov 11, 2009 2:50 pm


LR: Finny just can't take a joke. *storms off*

Yeah, he's still Longreach! I love the story guys!
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Re: Cave of the painted walls

Postby Glowfin » Wed Aug 25, 2010 5:09 pm

Food For Thought

by Longreach and Glowfin

CD holt date: 16046
Characters: Glowfin, Longreach

Teaser: Another reason to know where your food comes from.

Glowfin smiled all over his face. Today Stonebranch and he had finished a big drawing in the tunnels. He was all damp from the heat and smeared with the paint but the picture had come out great, one of their best, actually. With a satisfied sigh he lay down on his bed and laughed.

The big drawing of Shadow leading some elves out of the enslavement was finally done. Bidchild had started it ages ago and several cave painters had worked on it… now it was finished and he had been a part of it. All the details, all the work that was in it. He had to tell, and show it Redmark later but first he needed to rest a little.

Some didn’t quite think about it but working close to the firelake was a physical and psychological challenge. It was hot and you had to focus on so many things. Actually he should take a dip but just now he was glad to lay on his furs no matter how damp and sweaty he was.

When he turned his head to look for some water his eyes fell on a plate with fresh cookies. Blinking he looked again. His mother most likely had left them here knowing he’d be hungry after work. Since ages he hadn’t talked about anything else then this picture. This had to be his treat.

Smiling he reached out and took the cookies. He had to thank his mother later but now he was hungry. With delight he noshed them away down to the last crump.


Some time later Glowfin walked over to the hot springs to wash himself off but he felt funny - a little dizzy and very light in his head. Maybe the heat didn’t agree with him. He had worked longer in the hot tunnel then usually. Probably he should go to the lake instead of the hot springs to cool himself off.

Looking down at his still pained and sweaty body he had to giggle and didn’t even know why. He felt odd, but chanced the direction to the lake through. At last the sweat would wash off and he’d cool down.

Longreach had hidden in some shadows and watched Glowfin leave his den, then carefully followed him toward the lake. He smiled at quickly the younger elf accepted the cookies made with dreamplants and chuckled when Glowfin started acting funny. He remained hidden a while longer, wanting to make his arrival seem like a pure coincidence.

Finally, after it was obvious the cookies were in the elf's system, Longreach backed down the tunnel and began whistling, walking casually toward the lake and knowing his whistling would announce his arrival.

Glowfin had slipped into the water but the strange dizzy feeling and the lightness didn’t go away. He rubbed his limps with water but the paint didn’t go. It only smeared more. Something that was awfully amusing at the moment.

When the whistling echoed over to him he turned. The melody was … odd he though. Way too many tones and notes. Through he knew the voice and reached for his loincloth. He actually found it difficult to put it back on.

“Fisheegs and snake dung.” he muttered when he tried it again.

Longreach walked up, trying to not laugh out loud at Glowfin's inability to get dressed by himself all of sudden. "Having trouble?" he asked, leaning against a rock and crossing his arms. "It looks like you fell in a huge jar of paint!"

Glowfin had problems to focus on Longerach. The dizziness and the feeling of flying got stronger every moment. He could fly? Maybe he was a glider like Dash! That was it.

“Didn’t fell in …” he muttered. “The pots are way too small to fall in….” the idea of being able to fly formed in his head. Finally he would be able to hoist the young female with her own petard!

Longreach raised an eyebrow and wondered if he made the cookies too strong. He wasn't sure if Glowfin had any resistance to the dreamplants. The smaller elf seemed to have trouble just standing up. "Perhaps you should sit. I'd hate to have to call Fireneedle because you knocked yourself unconscious."

Glowfin gave a snort and went over to Longreach tipping his finger on his chest. “I know how much I can stand!” he declared. Actually he felt like sitting, but he didn’t want to do it just because Longreach said it. “And when I sit I sit because I want.” With that he let himself fall down on his rare. “See? Sitting because I want…”

Longreach watched and shook his head. His intention had been to get the lad a bit stoned and just mess with him, but since Glowfin was this far gone; he could have even more fun. "I see." He said, and sat next to him, wondering why something seemed different. Usually, Longreach had a snide comment ready at any point, but he found himself just watching Glowfin. "Wanna swim?" He asked, loosening the cord on his own loincloth.

With narrowed eyes Glowfin looked at the other elf. Usually he felt all tensed around him but at the moment he was oddly relaxed.
“What are you up to?” he asked. “Don’t trust you further then I can then… you know?”

"Throw me?" Longreach asked and stood up, letting his loincloth fall. "Then I guess you don't trust me very far at all. I doubt you can manage to throw yourself in the lake right now." he added with a smirk, and jumped in with a huge splash.

“I can throw you all I want!” Glowfin called after him, fighting to get on his feet. “Beside ... I can fly!” he added convinced.

He walked to the edge of the lake still fumbling on his loincloth. He wouldn’t go swimming naked with Longreach around. Once not looked and his cloth were gone like the last time he had dared. The run back to the caves had been all but embarrassing..

Longreach started laughing; he wasn't able to control it any more. "Then fly little Finny!" he teased, still not sure why he felt like watching him so closely. Treading water in the lake was easy, and Longreach wondered if he would have to actually help keep Glowfin...of all elves...from drowning.

“You don’t laugh at me!” Glowfin complained. “Maybe I can fly but not for you!”
Looked down into the water and the ripples fascinated him more then usually. Slowly he sat down on his knees and reached with one hand out to grasp one. Even If his mind told him that it was impossible to get a grip on a ripple he was absolutely sure he could get one right now.

When his hand broke through the surface… which he had expected to be more soiled, he fell forward and head first into the water. The shock woke him for a moment and he managed to get his head over the water again. How embarrassing! He was the “little fish” but now he paddled like a bloody beginner with down to no talent.

Longreach moved a bit closer to the edge, really not sure how he would ever explain if Glowfin got hurt in the shallow water at the edge of the lake, and watched him try to grab the ripples. He turned his head at the splash when the smaller elf fell in and moved beside him, grasping Glowfin around the chest and pulling him close so he didn't drown.

"Watch it Finny!" Longreach said, quickly finding a shallow enough spot that he could touch the bottom. "What got into you?" he added, knowing full well it was the drugged cookie but not about to admit it. Having Glowfin in his arms, even if it was to rescue him from the lake for a moment, gave the big elf an odd feeling.

Glowfin tried to struggle free, but somehow his body didn’t really do what he wanted. He thought he gave Longerach a good heroic fight but the reality showed he was just squirming in his grip.

“’M not Finny!” he said. “That’s not my name… I don’t call you stupid names either!”

"Fine...GLOWFIN." Longreach said, slowly walking to the edge of the lake, still holding Glowfin's head above the water. The elf was squirming and the paint made him a bit slippery. He got to a point that was shallow enough the lad should have been able to stand up, and slowly started to let go, finding it very hard to take his eyes off him.

“That’s…” better he wanted to say but when Longerach’s support stopped the young elf started to stumble again. The world was ... no, not spinning. It was moving like waves. That was just confusing and made standing hard. “I fell funny…” he muttered and slumped back against Longerach. “I think the gas from the firelake was rotten…”

That made no sense but it was funny somehow and made Glowfin giggle a little.

"Oh boy..." Longreach said, catching Glowfin before he fell into the water again. He felt a bit funny too, and still couldn't figure out why. If rotten gas from a firelake actually made any sense, he might have thought it affected him too. Suddenly, having the lad in his arms a second time Longreach felt light, and oddly nervous. "Sure. Rotten firelake gas. Whatever you say." he replied softly, moving closer to the edge again. "Look, sit down, ok?" he asked, trying to figure out what was wrong with himself.

Without completing Glowfin sat down on the edge but peddled his feet in the water still. “I don’t think I can fly…” he said with a frown. “But … maybe the water can!” that was the idea. Shaking his head again to get a bit clearer he looked to Longerach his eyes half closed. “Or maybe you can fly? I don’t know but something can… and it’s here…”

Longreach suddenly felt a bit frozen, and confused. He had his arms out, ready to catch Glowfin if....or when...he fell forward again. But.... he found himself leaning forward until his face was mere inches from the lad's. "Flying eh?" he said, looking in the lad's eyes.

„Too close…“ Glowfin said and tried to push Longerach back. “That’s not funny…” He added but his hand went into the air. “Dang… You move too quickly!” he complained then tried again and almost lost balance again. He fell forward and because the world seemed to move even more he just rested his forehead on Longerach’s shoulder.

“I don’t feel very well…” he confessed.

Longreach decided that if they didn't leave the lake soon, the lad would mostly likely drown somehow. "Come on, I'm taking you back." he said with a sigh, and easily lifted Glowfin in his arms. Longreach looked around and saw his loincloth on the ground, and scooped it with a foot, tossing it up to catch easily with a finger. "I'm not going to be responsible for you drowning!" He said.
“I can’t drown..” Glowfin said his tongue feeling heavy. “I’m a fish…”
Again he though he was fighting but in reality he did nothing at all.

Longreach sighed, thinking he should stick around the den with Glowfin for a while to make sure he was going to be alright. "Yeah, a fish." he said, heading directly for Glowfin's den. "I'm taking you to your den to sleep off whatever it is."

„Rotten gas… I told you, stupid.” Glowfin gave back. Being carried by Longerach should be annoying like usually when he fooled around or teased him but Glowfin was still oddly relaxed. When they reached his den and Longerach put him down on his bed he gave a sigh and closed his eyes.

Longreach sat next to Glowfin and found himself oddly concerned. Thinking he may have to call for Fireneedle, the big elf tried to pay close attention so he could relay what was going on. Fireneedle hated being called out and having to run back and get more supplies.
As Glowfin lay there, Longreach felt that strange light feeling again, and stretched out next to him, watching the lad breathe... and hoping he stayed that way.

Glowfin almost had drifted to sleep. His breath went slower, his body relaxed… he felt like flying again and a silly smirk came to his lips.

“DARN!” With wide eyes Glowfin suddenly sat up right again, then his body again relaxed and he fell back in the silken sheets. “Oh to the fire pit with it… I can still wash the paint of later…”

Longreach nearly jumped out of his skin when Glowfin sat up and part of him wanted to strangle the lad for startling him, and would usually have something crude to say. But oddly enough, not this time. Instead, he lay back down and found himself picking dried paint out of Glowfin's hair and studying his face. As time passed, Longreach leaned closer and closer, and he felt more and more confused.

His body felt light, and he was feeling nervous again. Before long, he found his face an inch or so away from the lad's, and then he was lightly kissing his cheek.

Glowfin wrinkled his nose and chuckled at the light warm feeling on this skin and tried to wave what ever it was away. Through his body still didn’t work that well and something tickled in his belly.

Longreach froze again when Glowfin tried to wave him away, and it only made the light floaty feeling stronger. For reasons he didn't understand, he kissed the lad's cheek again, and this time kept his face close.

Glowfin made a face but this time the wave he had intended to do just came out as a lazy pat on the other’s cheek. “Not funny…” he muttered under his breath half-asleep.

Longreach smiled, suddenly finding it very funny, but still confusing. He leaned in to kiss Glowfin's cheek one more time, right at the edge of his lips.

Glowfin squirmed a bit and turned his face away. His belly was tickling all over and his skin felt warmer where he was touched. Probably he’d throw up?
“Don’t …” he asked.

Longreach didn't know why, but he turned Glowfin's face back to him and kissed him fully on the lips, shocking himself as soon as they touched.

Glowfin’s eyes went wide at the kiss. For a moment he didn’t feel relaxed at all! He was overwhelmed by this kiss and even worse his body apparently was as well. The warm tickling in his belly went stronger and so did the lightheaded feeling.
But then… It didn’t feel that bad to have someone else lips on his. His eyes fell shut again and he made a mental note to tell Redmark how kissing felt. The strange relaxing he felt ever since he had walked over to the bath worked here as well.
So this was a kiss… Glowfin found himself lifting his head a little and kissing back. If he had to kiss someone he’d do it right!

Longreach was even more shocked that Glowfin kissed back, and the warm light feeling he felt started to feel more like what he felt with Shadefern than something odd, and that confused him even more. But his body seemed to enjoy the kiss, and he softly touched the lad's face and tried to guide him.

Glowfin’s mind drifted of. He almost could see it waving happily at him while his body stayed back. The kiss lasted and the tickling on his skin where he was touched grew stronger. When the kiss was broken he gave a little sigh.

Longreach looked down at Glowfin in shock... did he really just kiss GLOWFIN??? He shook his head in disbelief, and simply stared for a moment.

The lad stretched and squirmed a little then rolled to his side. “I feel funny…” he repeated, and then chuckled half asleep. “Maybe the cookies had been rotten not the gas…”

Longreach shook his head again, trying to clear it. Was is possible that Glowfin kissed back??? He thought it was because he was under the effects of the cookies... and began to panic.

Muttering some more nonsense about flying fished and dancing ripples Glowfin curled up in his blankets and finally drifted to sleep.

Longreach sat up, trying to think his way out of this. He was only supposed to get Glowfin a bit dosed on the dreamplants, get him to make a fool of himself, and then feel crappy in the morning. How the heck did he end up kissing him??? Longreach reached over and untied Glowfin's loincloth, and started taking it off of him, thinking that making the lad think something happened might be an even better prank. He hoped he was too stoned to remember the kiss and would just be confused.


Glowfin felt … odd but not light anymore, quite the contrary. All of his limps felt as if they were made out of stone and his belly seemed to rebel against him. Everything seemed wrong this beginning of the waking time.

With a moan Glowfin turned slowly around. He should get up but he felt a little sick. Squeezing his eyes shut he almost was afraid to open them but dared it through to slide them open a crack. Then he squeezed them shut again. Maybe he was a still dreaming. Rubbing his eyes he tried it again but the view didn’t change.

Longerach was still there.

Longreach rolled over, and opened his eyes. He was startled to find he was in Glowfin's den...and on his bed. The night before came rushing back, and Longreach grinned, trying to play it off the best he could. "Why did you let me sleep so long?" he asked gruffly.

Suddenly Glowfin was all awake. “What are you doing here?” he asked his voice sounding way to high and shrill.

"I fell asleep, silly." Longreach said, as if it was obvious. He stretched and looked around for his loincloth.

“But why here!?” Glowfin asked again and dragged his cover closer just to see that Longerach was naked… in his bed! “And why do you fall asleep naked in MY bed!?”

Longreach looked at Glowfin like he was still stoned and snorted. "Fine. I'll leave." he pulled on his loincloth and tied it. "Are you always this grumpy when you wake up?"

„Just when I have naked bullies in my bed!“ Glowfin gave back.

"I'm not naked anymore." Longreach said, placing both hands on his hips and grinning. "But if being naked bothers you, perhaps you should look down." He added, and pointed at Glowfin.

Glowfin paled visibly and carefully lifted the silken cover. In disbelieve he starred down the swiftly pressed the blanket against him. “That’s NOT funny!” he said his voice a too high again.

Longreach grinned and chuckled. "I suggest a dip in the hot springs." he said with a wink. "It might help with the paint too." Looking at his own self, he pretended to search for anywhere that paint may have rubbed off.

When Longerach checked his body Glowfin swallowed. No, that couldn’t be! A short memory flashed up. Warm lips… Glowfin stiffed visibly. No! He hadn’t!

Longreach turned and shrugged. "I've got to get to the gardens." he said, preparing to leave. "Got anything to eat since we slept late?”

The lad shook his head. “What did you… do here?” he asked softly. He was not sure if he wanted to hear the answer. “That’s just one of your bad jokes… right?”

Longreach smiled mischievously. "So that's a no to breakfast?" he said and turned back around. "Now why would you assume that I played a prank? I'm offended!"

By and by the young fisher grew angry. „Then ... GET OUT OF MY DEN!”

Longreach turned back around, and had a stunned look on his face. "I'm hurt Glowfin. Such a nice sleepingtime, and you are a great kisser! Now you just toss me out like it was nothing?"

Glowfin starred at him then slowly lifted his fingers to his lips. Might be he hadn’t dreamed that up? Even more why should he dream such a thing? “I didn’t Kiss you!” he tried to deny.

"Yes you did!" Longreach hissed. "How do you forget something like that?"

Glowfin turned away, his cheeks growing hot. It was hard to miss that he tried to think. All he got were blurry memories of dancing ripples and flying fishes. He tried to remember the last sleeping time.

Longreach hung his head. "I guess I thought firsts were supposed to be memorable." he said softly.

„First what?“ Glowfin asked back his eyes wide in shock, his voice high pitched again. A cold shiver ran through him.

"Gee, we both woke up naked, in your bed." Longreach said, still acting hurt. "And you don't seem to remember a thing! Shows how little it meant to you."

The cold feeling turned into sickness. With wide eyes and wobbly knees he starred at Longerach. Some more memories forced to his dazed brain. The touch of lips mixed with him hanging in Longerach’s arms at the lake. Could it be?
Glowfin grasped some cloth and quickly dressed. He shook his head as if he tried to shake off whatever Longerach had said. Tears gathered in his eyes.

"If you have that much trouble remembering, then I guess I did it wrong." Longreach mumbled, secretly taking pleasure in Glowfin's reaction. He took a step back toward the lad and stretched out a hand. "We could try to refresh the memory."

Glowfin looked up between anger and despair. He slapped Longerach’s hand away and the first tears ran down his cheeks. “I HATE you!” he yelled at him then pushed him aside and ran out of his own den just to get away from that awful elf!

"Glowfin, wait!" He called out, not intending for him to believe it this strongly. Oh well, it seemed to Longreach that he would figure it out sooner or later and he set off slowly, trying to follow the lad and let him in on the joke. It had just been a prank after all.
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